JY Trading and Tourism (Turkish JY Ticaret ve Turism) is mainly a global trading company located in Istanbul. The company is an ambitious newcomer in the market, started its operations in 2019.

We have established our services in Turkey because of the bulk of Turkey’s economy is made up of a diversified services sector including real estate, tourism, financial services, education and health. Industry continues to play an important role, particularly in manufacturing which accounts for a large proportion of Turkish exports to Europe and Middle East. Turkey’s global marketing strategy aims to decrease import dependency in its growth, and is increasing its capabilities to become an exporter of household-consumer as well as high-tech products.

The JY Trading and Tourism offers various kinds of services that encompasses global trade services such as import and export facilities, logistic facilities, investment facilities in both money market and real-estate market, global money transfer services through MoneyGram, travel and tourism consultancy, and Turkish citizenship consultancy.

In the area of global trading, we offer international companies any kind of products including raw materials or final products who wish to export to or import from Turkey or Bangladesh. We also do consultancy for them by giving required information regarding export and import market planning. Our travel and tourism service offers outdoor lover with exciting, enjoyable travel packages throughout diverse cities in Turkey. Travel and tourism service also includes medical tour for those who plans to get treatment, especially hair transplant, in Turkey.

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